My four-legged friend and constant companion 

comes when called,

runs after balls, 

and loves to play 

most of the day.

Filled with boundless energy, when he was a puppy

he fell from a couch and shrieked loudly of pain

a heartbreaking sound I could barely sustain.

Needless to say, he fractured a bone, 

and though no fun,

it was the conclusion

that surgery must be done. 

He recovered in no time, 

and you’d never know

the puppy once had a tale of woe.

The tail-wagger usually sits at my knee 

and follows me most loyally

from room to room;

yes, he would fly to the moon with me. 

This little dog is one of a kind, yet I’m not so blind

to know that any dog would do the same

if I showed him love, gave him treats, and called his name.

These magnificent creatures are here for us,

whether or not we make a fuss.

We may throw them a bone

to please leave us alone,

but when they’re back by our side,

we’re satisfied—knowing we are home.

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All content copyright Carolyn Joy Strauss

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