My photographs are physical representations of a part of myself that grounds me, like being reunited with a long-lost love.  The discovery of the subject matter is the recognition of an internal part of myself that wants to come out and show itself, that wants to leave the embryo and be born, to be externalized and shared by me with you. They are part of a visual language that I recognize within me, like dreams that are being remembered, that are seeing the light of day in my mind’s eye, just before I snap the shutter.  

      Each person has his individual thumbprint, his unique handwriting, and his own way of making art.  Photography is my way of materializing my other half.  I celebrate that each time we reunite.

      The Roman philosopher Seneca wrote that the mirror was invented to “better our understanding of ourselves”.  That is how I see photography - as a mode of self-exploration.  Photography is a way to become the auteur of my own existence.  

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